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How to Heal & Recover Following Major Loss or Trauma – PTSD Treatment and Prevention

You don’t have to be there at ground zero to be impacted and even profoundly traumatized by an event as horrific as the Newtown Massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Even President Obama cried.

Dealing effectively with such challenges requires you to:

Phase 1.    Go through the appropriate grieving period with sufficient relaxation that you do not develop post-traumatic stress issues, yet remain sensitive and responsive to the naturally healing feelings of grief.
Phase 2.    Discover what it is that you need to learn from what has happened.
Phase 3.    Develop the focus, courage, and commitment to take the actions that you know are the right ones, no matter how difficult.

The Audio programs below have been prepared by Dr. Emmett Miller. You can learn more about Mind-Body Medicine and the use of Mind-Tools at his Informational Website.

Phase I – Surviving Initial Trauma and Loss
Use the following programs while there are still acute symptoms of shock, sadness, grief, despair, and depression – it may continue for one or more weeks. Their use may be continued into later phases of recovery and renaissance.

Balancing Mind and Emotions DVD – Dr. Miller presenting the theory and practical tools for bringing peace and power to your life. COMING SOON!

Letting Go Of Stress – Tools and techniques for keeping your body balanced and free from excess stress and its damaging chemicals.

Healing Journey
and Rainbow Butterfly – two beautiful programs weaving the guidance of Dr. Miller’s words together with original music – pure relaxation and peace.

Easing Into Sleep – When it is difficult to turn off the mind and quiet the emotions enough to get to sleep try this.

Goodbye Insomnia
(MP3 only) – is another program to listen to after you climb in bed.

The Silent Path
– This music-only CD provides the perfect background for meditation or just relaxation.

Escape From Depression – When feelings of helplessness and hopelessness persist beyond a few weeks, this two-CD program will help you rediscover the spark of life (in severe cases of despair and exhaustion, evaluation by a mental health professional is wise).

Phase II - Discovering Deeper Learnings – Who am I Now, and What Is My Mission?
After one or several weeks, the acute pain becomes less intense, and there is more emotional and mental space available. While continuing your relationships with loved ones, it is now time to reassess who you are now, and what are the changes that you want to bring into your life.

I Am: Awakening Self-Acceptance – A Heart-to-Heart talk followed by two guided meditations take you to a special place within, where you go past superficial aspects to the deepest part of your being. There you discover the ever growing core (your capital “S” Self), nurture it, and embody it in your everyday life.

Accepting Change and Moving On
– Through two deeply relaxing guided imagery experiences you will learn the secret of letting go that occurs with each breath, the comfort and freedom of releasing, and the peace of completion and new opportunities.

The Serenity Prayer – Heart-to-Heart wisdom and guided imagery: understand the true source of wisdom, serenity and courage, and use them intelligently.

Phase III – Spirit in Action: Your Duty to the Deepest Part of Yourself
Sometimes the process of healing from a great loss or trauma awakens you to the fact that your life is not meaningless – you have a mission. The following programs help you further identify your goals and stay on focus. There are things we have to do – play your part.

Awakening the Leader Within – Stage a revolution and seize control of your life; guide it with your deeper Self, then play your part in leading in your community.

Begin Your Day the Olympian Way –Dr. Miller and 3-time Olympic Athlete Marilyn King: trains you in the use of the strategies and visualization skills of top athletes, leaders, performers, and others.

Personal Excellence – a 6 part program for discovering your true value and purpose and how to create a compelling vision of the future you want to create and empowering yourself to create it.

Abolish Anxiety –An effective set of inner exercises to decondition the anxious part of yourself and awaken the courage to meet your challenges.

Healing Our Planet – A guided meditation to bring healing to all of humanity as well as the Life force on the entire planet. LISTEN

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Abolish Anxiety (MP3 Download)
Product ID : D5211 (MP3 Download)
Healing Journey (CD)
Product ID : SC5016 (CD)
Healing Journey (MP3 Download)
Product ID : D5016 (MP3 Download)
Serenity Prayer (MP3 Download)
Product ID : D5060 (MP3 Download)
Easing Into Sleep (CD)
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