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Health And Wellness (Cassette)

Health And Wellness (Cassette)
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Four imagery experiences for developing wisdom and balance at each of the four levels—mind, body, emotion, and spirit. Part four includes drum rhythms and movement to help you open to the life force within. Use a different part each day, or focus on one part for a week to bring that particular aspect into balance.

Track 1. Mental Relaxation and Autosuggestion

Track 2. Emotional Awareness and Balance

Track 3. Introduction and Instructions

Track 4. Spiritual Awakening

Track 5. Body Wellness and Movement


Health and Wellness is a complete program for improving your health in all its aspects – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This program, based on advanced scientific knowledge of human behavior, is designed to stimulate the development of high level wellness and improve the quality of your life. You will learn to:

¨     Replace out-of-date patterns of thought

¨     Replace harmful behavior habits

¨     Motivate positive habits of relaxation, exercise, and diet

¨     Develop a new self-awareness


As Dr. Miller speaks, you will find that his captivating voice, together with music and the sounds of nature, will guide you gently in to a state of deeply relaxed selective awareness. You will learn techniques for focusing your mind, using autosuggestion, affirmations, imagery, and your body movements. Current research indicates that the major threats to our health and wellness are not infectious diseases, physical trauma and other external factors. Our own behavior patterns – such as unhealthy diet, smoking, lack of exercise, and unrelieved stress and tension – may be depriving us of 10 to 15 years of life and diluting the enjoyment of the rest.


Guitar: Michael Madigan, Percussion: Emmett Miller



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