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Relaxation (how to relax), Muscle Tension

The comprehensive program, "Stress Reduction," offers several tapes and CDs, as well as the book, "Deep Healing"—and represents a complete course in how to relax. Abolish Anxiety offers excellent techniques for self-relaxation. Relaxation is a key to recovery from most serious illnesses, the direct antidote to stress, and an essential step in achieving peak performance. "Relaxation and Inspiration Video" provides beautiful, soothing, relaxing visual images accompanying Dr. Miller’s gentle guidance. "Letting Go of Stress" presents four effective techniques for relaxing and countering stress, with music by Stephen Halpern.

"Healing Journey" is a beautiful and deep relaxation experience, which includes healing imagery. The musical bed for this experience, as well as the entire musical composition, "Breathing Music," on side B, was created by Raphael. For relaxation that guides you into a deep sleep, try "Easing into Sleep." "I Am: Awakening Self-Acceptance" presents two relaxation experiences which focus on self-awareness and self-esteem.

"Relaxation and Inspiration" presents a 12-minute relaxation experience followed by soothing music, and side B is pure relaxation music without narration. Perhaps the most beautiful musical background for relaxation is provided by the CD, "Silent Path," by Robert Haig Coxon.

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