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Meditation, Centering (affirmations, wellness, massage imagery, purpose, mission, awareness, vision), Spiritual Awakening

Meditation, allowing stillness and silence to quiet mind, body and emotions of tensions and distractions, plays a major role in all of Dr. Miller’s experiential audio and video programs. Special attention to the meditative aspect is given in Rainbow Butterfly and Healing Journey.

Launching Your Day and Serenity Prayer are "waking" meditations that you can use while engaged in other activities. Accepting Change and Moving On is a meditation on emptiness based upon the "Tao Te Ching," as is the beautiful music on Silent Path CD. It is excellent as a background for meditation. Deep Healing and Deep Healing Audiobook offer valuable insights on the application of meditative techniques to the many forms of healing.

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Awakening the Healer Within (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0229 (Cassette)
Healing Journey (CD)
Product ID : SC5016 (CD)
Healing Journey (MP3 Download)
Product ID : D5016 (MP3 Download)
Serenity Prayer (MP3 Download)
Product ID : D5060 (MP3 Download)
Easing Into Sleep (CD)
Product ID : SC5020 (CD)