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Power of Your Mind to Manage Stress and Heal Your Body (DVD)

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In this live presentation, Dr. Miller shows clearly how stress is not something that happens to you, stress is the result of how your limbic system, the unconscious level of your mind reacts. You will learn how the chemicals of stress, such as cortisol, create the friction in the body that produces most of our illnesses and slows recovery from all of them. Relaxation is the specific antidote to tension, and using it is the key to managing stress effectively.

You will be treated to two deep relaxation experiences and guided imagery focused on awakening your body’s ability to heal itself. Finally, we will explore the amazing power of the mind, Denial, how it can block us from total wellness. You will learn how denial blocks healing, and how you can use Guided Imagery and Deep Relaxation to heal your body. Featuring many colorful photographs, graphics, videoclips, and music to enhance the inner imagery experiences, this video is one you will watch time and time again.  A great gift for someone who has received a serious diagnosis!

About Power of Your Mind to Heal and Transform Series

In the Spring of 2012, Dr. Miller tackled the job of distilling his fifty years of studying science, healing, psychology, relationships, and happiness into a six part training. The purpose of this training is to teach both the theoretical approaches he has found effective in transforming people’s lives and that are creating a revolution in the fields of medicine and psychology.

These presentations were recorded, and embellished with explanatory graphics, beguilingly beautiful photographs, video clips, and other media to enrich your viewing experience. In combination with the deep relaxation, meditative, and guided imagery experiences he leads you through, your embodiment of the principles through experiential learning is augmented.

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