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Abolish Anxiety (MP3 Download)

Anxiety Relief Meditation CD
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Abolish Anxiety is another complete self-healing program from Dr. Miller. It brings an effective new way to understand and deal with the symptoms and the causes of Anxiety and Panic. It is designed to be used as a guide to harness the healing power of your mind to help you in overcoming anxiety and panic attacks, as well as to provide ongoing anxiety relief if you have chronic anxiety. And when those whom you love are looking for relief from anxiety, you might consider buying this MP3 as a gift.

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The first of the two CDs in this program is a Heart-to-Heart" talk by Dr. Miller. As you listen to this CD, you will begin to understand the true cause of your anxiety and how to bring about calm, and an inner balance to your mind, body, and emotions. Learn how Deep Relaxation and Guided Imagery can give you control over the symptoms of anxiety and panic by replacing them with peace, relaxation, and confidence. This CD is what Dr. Miller calls Drivetime CD, so you can listen to it over and over while you drive or engage in other activities (provided it does not make you tired or sleepy).

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The second CD in this set presents a graduated series of 5 deep relaxation and guided imagery experiences. As you listen, you will be guided into a soothing, peaceful meditative state. Then, a series of 6 different exercises shows you how to use the tools of autosuggestion and self-hypnosis to abolish anxiety. You will learn a simple 6 step technique to release yourself from the bonds of tension, anxiety, worry, and panic. You will also discover how to use visualization to reach an inner “special place” of safety, develop a new attitude and self-image, and actually inoculate yourself against fear. Dr. Miller's reassuring voice and the lovely musical accompaniment insure that the whole experience is truly enjoyable.

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Dr. Miller suggests that you listen whenever you are feeling an increase in your anxiety level, such as when you have to make an important decision or deal with a significant challenge in your life, or if you begin to have feelings of panic. You can also listen on a regular basis to keep “resetting your mind” to a baseline of relaxation, and thus avoid future attacks. This particular Software for the Mind" shows how to rewire your brain – by re-scripting (reprogramming) your deeper mind and nervous system.

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The purpose of Abolish Anxiety is to provide an understanding of the roots of your anxiety and panic, and address them by using these potent mind-tools to create peace and calm whenever you need it and to prevent future attacks. We all have a bit of anxiety in this chaotic world we inhabit – even if you have never seen a doctor about it!

If you have been diagnosed with generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Panic Disorder, or any of the anxiety disorders, it is wise to consult your primary health care practitioner – and use Dr. Miller's program, as it works synergistically with virtually any other treatment regimen. 

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Varieties of Anxiety
· Chronic Anxiety
· Compulsive Behaviors
· Obsessive Thinking (Worrying)
· Performance Anxiety
· Public Speaking Anxiety
· Separation Anxiety
· Shyness
· Social Anxiety
· Phobias

This program is designed to help you overcome all forms of anxiety (see chart above) and is the least expensive of all the natural remedies for coping with anxiety and letting go of fear.

You will:

  • Begin to understand the true cause of your anxiety, and how you can heal yourself;
  • Learn several valuable techniques for melting away tension, clearing your mind, and focusing on positive affirmations;
  • Experience how relaxed you can become while enjoying the deeply soothing and inspiring voice of Dr. Miller, world renowned healer and co-creator of the field of mind-body medicine;
  • Learn to modify your brain chemicals by guiding your thoughts and beliefs;
  • Learn powerful techniques drawn from hypnosis, meditation and prayer; 
  • Learn “Thought Karate” to empty your mind of troubling thoughts; and 
  • Train your mind to respond to the 6 steps of the S-I-M-P-L-E mnemonic so you can relax at will.

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How It Works:

All anxiety, whether it appears as panic, shyness, phobia, worry, obsessive-compulsive, or as a part of a period of depression, is the result of your nervous system overloading on the alarm part of the normal stress response. Relaxation is the specific antidote to stress and anxiety.

A very important fact about the human being is that you cannot be really calm and relaxed and at the same time be anxious and tense Relaxation is the peaceful state we usually associate with being on a long vacation – with nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no problems to solve.

Deep relaxation first creates this level of relaxation, then continues to deepen it through suggestions, affirmations, mental images, and deep emotional awareness. This permits you to stave off anxiety and panic when they begin. As you practice, you will be literally rewiring your brain – creating new nerve cells and new pathways and connections among your existing ones (neuroplasticity).

The concepts and the techniques on Abolish Anxiety have proven very effective with thousands of patients and clients in Dr. Miller’s practice who have an anxiety disorder and millions who have used his tapes and CDs for more than 40 years! In the last two decades significant scientific research has demonstrated the value of these recordings. In fact, these approaches are now commonly used therapy for anxiety and anxiety disorders. Get your copy now.

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Recommended Applications:

Generalized anxiety, chronic anxiety, social anxiety, shyness and separation anxiety often respond very well to Dr. Miller's Abolish Anxiety. In addition it is helpful in eliminating compulsive behaviors, obsessive thinking and worrying as well as performance anxiety, public speaking anxiety, and separation anxiety.

Abolish Anxiety is a valuable compliment to any other treatment regimen (medical, psychiatric, meditative, herbal, massage, acupuncture, yoga, etc.), or you may choose to use it as your main tool for dealing with anxiety or anxiety disorders. Nevertheless, it is important to keep up a good exercise program, eat a healthy diet, gradually remove stimulants (e.g., caffeine) from your lifeand get plenty of sleep!

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Important information and Contraindications:

There are no specific contraindications to the use of this program – except that if you find that listening causes significant anxiety or other persistently uncomfortable feelings, even after you have used it a number of times, then stop and consult your PCP (Primary Care Provider).

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Recommended Use; Detailed Description of Exercises:

CD 1: Understanding Anxiety (Drivetime) add in total and partial times.

Track 1: Introduction – An orientation and overview of the Abolish Anxiety program.
Track 2: What is Anxiety? – The definition of anxiety, its causes, and Dr. Miller's plan for anxiety treatment.
Track 3: Eliminating Pain – We can either avoid or confront the challenges and obstacles in our lives. How anxiety results from your failed attempts to avoid confrontation, and why it is important to change these patterns of living.
Track 4: Fear – The positive and negative role of fear in your life.
Track 5: The Threshold of Fear – Your fear threshold, how it is responsible for anxiety and panic attacks, and how to reset it. Track 6: The Essence of Anxiety – The basic error in thinking that underlies the production of anxiety and panic. An introduction to Software for the Mind.
Track 7: Forms of Anxiety – Understanding the different symptoms that may be produced by anxiety.
Track 8: The Hallmark of Anxiety – How to recognize if you are feeling anxious and its biochemical basis.
Track 9: What Can I do about it? – Dr. Miller discusses how he discovered the “inner vacation” technique and other tools that help to relieve you of your anxiety.
Track 10: The Antidote to Anxiety – An overview of the experiences you will have using CD 2, and how they will benefit you. Track 11: The Secret to Healing Anxiety – The importance of presence and being able to be in the here-and-now.
Track 12: Preparing to Experience – How to make your use of this program most effective.

CD 2:
Track 1: Tension-Relaxation
Because the process of shedding tension from your body may be an unfamiliar one at first, you will begin by learning a method of tensing and then relaxing your muscles from head to toe. When you push a car out of a rut, you push it in one direction briefly, then quickly release and push it in the other direction. In this way, you make use of the momentum to get the vehicle moving in the direction you really want to go.

Track 2: Your Island of Peace
There is always a place of silence, stillness, and presence in every moment, but we may not always be able to access it. This very deeply relaxing experience will help you to find this island of peace – first in your breathing and then in your imagination. For maximum relaxation, and for at least the first few times you use Track 2, make sure you listen to it directly following your listening session of Track 1. Later, when you are able to relax more quickly you can simply begin at the start of Track 2.

Track 3: Selective Awareness 
As you listen to this track you should begin to have the ability to focus your awareness. Your conscious mind runs on a single track; you can really only think about one thing at a time. For a person with anxiety, the mind automatically focuses on upsetting and unpleasant thoughts. Dr. Miller's technique of selective awareness will enable you to observe these thoughts without clinging to them, and then activelyweaken them..

Track 4: Special Place of Wisdom and S-I-M-P-L-E
As you follow the guided imagery on this track, you will be guided to a special, very safe place where you will make contact with the wisdom within yourself. You may experience this wisdom as coming from a beloved teacher or guide, or from a deep place within yourself. This is the wisdom that can enable you to make wise choices when dealing with life challenges and/or whenever you encounter anxiety or panic.

You will also practice the S-I-M-P-L-E technique – a key you can use like a “post-hypnotic suggestion” for relaxing at will.

S = Stop,

I = I have nowhere to go, nothing to do, no problem to solve,

M = Melting away all tension,

P = sinking into the Pause in your breathing . . .

L = Letting go of the past and future . . .

E = Erasing all unnecessary thoughts . . .

Through imagery, you will project this wisdom into the future as you visualize yourself able to make wiser choices in the future – especially when you are dealing with anxiety. Finally, you will develop your “image ideal,” which is the YOU as YOU really want to be. This image serves as the guide for the creativity of your deeper mind.

Track 5: Thought Karate 
This track contains a technique for erasing your mind of unnecessary and unwanted thoughts and mental images. You will also learn an emergency technique to use whenever it seems like an anxiety or a panic attack is beginning. Here you will have a chance to practice the S-I-M-P-L-E technique again and to develop affirmations to make your inner changes more permanent.


**All MP3 downloads require Mac OS X (10.3.9 or later) or Windows XP.  MP3s are compressed files (.rar) and will need to be decompressed (using Free StuffIt Expander, WinZip, etc...) before they are compatible with any media player. If you do not have decompression software on your computer instructions to download the FREE StuffIt Expander are contained at the bottom of your confirmation email with the download links. Also, check 'How To Order' at the top left of this page.

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