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Stress Fitness Vol. II (Dr. Miller Classic CD)

Dr. Miller's Stress Fitness Volume 2 Cover
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How to harness stress for peak performance and free yourself from addictions and unwanted behaviors.



StressFitness, vol. II features Dr. Miller in warm, intimate Heart-to-Heart conversations, presenting powerful tools for your personal growth. His insights are based on his pioneering work with stress and its effect on health and peak performance.


Through stories and songs, case studies and anecdotes, Dr. Miller illustrates how stress contributes to habits of addiction and dependency and the skills that can harness the energy of stress for your benefit.


The information on this CD is highly condensed and should result in a significantly different understanding of life’s challenges when used two to four times within two weeks and periodically thereafter, as a refresher.


StressFitness, vol I is a companion program to this one; it includes Keys to Stress Mastery – Discovering the Hidden Power of Selective Awareness, and Stress and Your Body – How to Stay Healthy Under Pressure.


Part A – Stress, Addiction and Dependency: Winning the Invisible War

In this Heart-to-Heart conversation, Dr. Miller describes the internal conflicts experienced by people “stuck” in unwanted behaviors and explains how their deep emotional pain, plus the tendency to deny the pain, “drives” an addiction or dependency.


He explains an easy-to-follow five-step program for discovering and mastering unwanted life habits, as well as the eight keys to understanding addictive patterns. Selective Awareness skills can take you beyond dependency – for life.


Part B – Harnessing Stress for Peak Performance: Making Friends with Your Hidden Ally.

In this provocative discussion, Dr. Miller points out that stress is an energy that can be used; it is a resource that is diverted and wasted unless identified and utilized.


He describes how the skills of Selective Awareness can help you to harness the energy of stress, while image rehearsal and self-affirmation prepare you for success and achievement and release you from the drain of negative self-talk.