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Inventory Clearance

From now until January 5th, 2014 all of the items listed on this page will be available at a discounted rate.  We hope you take advantage of our winter inventory clearance! 

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Cancer Support And Education Self Help MANUAL And Workbook (By Emmett Miller MD & Maggie Creighton. A PDF Download)
Product ID : D0611
This manual was an important part of the program taught (and experienced) at...
Caregiver Support and Stress Management – Treating and Preventing Caregiver Burnout (MP3 Download)
Product ID : D5065 (MP3 Download)
Talk and meditation to inspire caregivers to value their health and their...
I Can: Achieving Self-Empowerment (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0015
A fascinating toolkit of powerful, effective techniques for creating...
Healing Journey (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0016
Inner Child Healing (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0017 (Cassette)
Relax, heal, and nurture your inner child. A truly beautiful and powerful...
Health And Wellness (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0018
Stress Fitness Vol. I (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0021
Stress Fitness Vol. II (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0022
Letting Go Of Stress (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0023
Run to Win (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0028
Launching Your Day (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0035 (Cassette)
A remarkable achievement—an eyes-open, while-you-work-or-play meditation to...
Inspired Imagery (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0036
A remarkable achievement—an eyes-open, while-you-work-or-play meditation to...
Sexual Intimacy (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0052
Ten-Minute Stress Manager (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0053
Optimal Performance (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0054
Serenity Prayer (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0060
Relaxation and Inspiration (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0102
Successful Surgery and Recovery (2 Cassette)
Product ID : SC0203
Finding Serenity: Overcoming Dependence And Co-Dependence (2 Cassette)
Product ID : SC0208 (2 Cassette)
Discover ways of growing while you release what you no longer need.
Smoke No More (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0221
Develop a clear positive image of your goals and teaches your deeper mind to...
Awakening the Healer Within (Cassette)
Product ID : SC0229 (Cassette)
Enhance your grasp on the principles of deep healing with this eloquent and...
Serenity (VHS)
Product ID : SC0943 (VHS)
Heart of Hypnosis and Deep Healing: A Professional Training (3 DVDs)
Product ID : SC5342 (3 DVDs)
Introduction to the fundamental principles of deep healing and their...
Truthiness Fever: How Lies and Propaganda are Poisoning Us and a Ten-Step Program for Recovery (6 CD Audiobook)
Product ID : SC5610 (6 CD Audiobook)
This book focuses on truth, beliefs that best match empirical evidence. Truth...
Real Relationship: Essential Tools to Help You Go the Distance (Book by Belden Johnson)
Product ID : SC6014 (Book)
We are all challenged by the demands of long-term relating. Do you know about...
Awakening the Leader (Suite)
Product ID : SCS5409
Set of tools will enable you to enter a relaxed, stress-free state with The...
New Healthy You Suite
Product ID : SCS5811
Heal Your Body Suite
Product ID : SCS5812
Weight Loss Solution Suite
Product ID : SCS5813
Total Stress Relief Suite
Product ID : SCS5814
Unlock Your Full Potential Suite
Product ID : SCS5815
Healing from Cancer Suite
Product ID : SCS5816
Balance, Stress and Optimal Health (6 CD Suite)
Product ID : SCS5817
Several distinct and different guided imagery and deep relaxation experiences...
Dr. Miller Resource Library, Vol 2 (CDs)
Product ID : SCS5822 (CDs)
Volume 2 dives deeper into tools for stress relief, relaxation, body health...
Our Culture On the Couch Suite
Product ID : SCS5825
"Taking on modern culture as a patient, Dr. Miller applies his finely honed...
Health Care Professional Kit – Silver
Product ID : SCS5846
Learn the fundamental principles of deep healing and their application to...
Health Care Professional Kit – Gold
Product ID : SCS5847
If you are a trained mental health professional, or layperson, you’ll...
Confronting Cancer Support Kit – Silver
Product ID : SCS5848
(2DVDs & Manual) Experience the enormous power of the 9 training sessions...
Confronting Cancer Support Kit – Gold
Product ID : SCS5849
Learn the powerful therapeutic approaches used at Dr. Miller’s Cancer...
Stress Management Kit – Silver
Product ID : SCS5850
Listening to this master healer and guide, you will learn how to free...
Stress Management Kit – Gold
Product ID : SCS5851