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Dr. Miller's Healthy Living Suites are designed as a comprehensice solution to help you take control of your life.  Using these programs together will enhance your wellbeing and help you become the best you can be!

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Dr. Miller Resource Library, Vol 1 (CDs)
Product ID : SCS5821 (CDs)
Professionals across the globe use Dr. Miller’s products in their own...
Dr. Miller Resource Library, Vol 2 (CDs)
Product ID : SCS5822 (CDs)
Volume 2 dives deeper into tools for stress relief, relaxation, body health...
Awakening the Leader (Suite)
Product ID : SCS5409
Set of tools will enable you to enter a relaxed, stress-free state with The...
Balance, Stress and Optimal Health (6 CD Suite)
Product ID : SCS5817
Several distinct and different guided imagery and deep relaxation experiences...
Healing from Cancer Suite
Product ID : SCS5816
Total Stress Relief Suite
Product ID : SCS5814
Power of Your Mind to Heal and Transform Your Life Suite (6 DVDs)
Product ID : SCS5845
Approaches Dr. Miller has found effective in transforming people’s lives...
New Healthy You Suite
Product ID : SCS5811
Deep Healing: Your Personal Wellness Suite (CDs)
Product ID : SCS5818 (CD Suite)
Healing is derived from an Old English word that is also the root of whole,...
Heal Your Body Suite
Product ID : SCS5812
Weight Loss Solution Suite
Product ID : SCS5813
Stress Management Kit – Gold
Product ID : SCS5851
Unlock Your Full Potential Suite
Product ID : SCS5815
Our Culture On the Couch Suite
Product ID : SCS5825
"Taking on modern culture as a patient, Dr. Miller applies his finely honed...
Confronting Cancer Support Kit – Silver
Product ID : SCS5848
(2DVDs & Manual) Experience the enormous power of the 9 training sessions...
Stress Management Kit – Silver
Product ID : SCS5850
Listening to this master healer and guide, you will learn how to free...