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Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis

The tools of hypnosis and self-hypnosis are used in many of Dr. Miller’s programs, often integrated with other techniques such as meditation, guided imagery, deep relaxation, cognitive restructuring, etc. Excellent examples of hypnotic-like inductions can be found in Healing Journey and I Am. Direct suggestion is well demonstrated in Inner Child Healing, and post-hypnotic suggestion techniques are widely employed in Writing Your Own Script.

Virtually all the principles of hypnosis are well demonstrated in the six experiential tapes in Personal Excellence. Many of these approaches are presented in the book, Deep Healing. Excellent music for use beneath hypnotic and self-hypnotic inductions you create yourself can be found on Silent Path CD, by Robert Haig Coxon, and on Dr. Miller’s Healing Journey and Relaxation and Inspiration. Visual hypnotic techniques are demonstrated on Relaxation and Inspiration and Immuno-Imagery video.

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