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Heart of Hypnosis and Deep Healing: A Professional Training (3 DVDs)

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An introduction to the fundamental principles of deep healing and their application to mind-body approaches such as deep relaxation, guided imagery, hypnosis, meditation, affirmation, autosuggestion, and peak performance programming. For those with little or no training in these techniques, this is an excellent place to start.

The set retails for $450, but is available during a limited time for $250. This professional training set features 3 DVDs with 12 full hours of training plus a manual on CD.


Where are we going? . . . And why am I in this handbasket?

Our culture addresses illnesses and disorders, at all levels of system, from individual and family to community and global, by defining an “enemy” (e.g., the “wars” on cancer, drugs, crime, poverty, terrorism) and attacking it, thereby producing a self-reinforcing spiral of physical, emotional, behavioral, and relationship deterioration.

Deep Healing: focuses on nurturing the positive, healthy Self — a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation toward healing, wholeness, joy and love. Most people have never learned to activate their inborn ability to heal, resulting in illness, dysfunction and disaster, personally, socially and globally. In this training you will learn the tools of hypnosis, which are indispensable to the health professional who wishes to awaken the power of the deeper mind to heal. These perspectives and techniques will prove to be useful adjuncts to your primary practice, and are especially valuable to psychotherapists.

Clinical Hypnosis: an extraordinarily powerful and interesting set of tools for enhancing communication and therapy. Used appropriately, they permit rapid access to the deeper mind, and the potential for profound, rapid healing. Unparalleled for:


  • Relief of stress and stress-related dysfunction and illness
  • Empowering guided imagery
  • Reinforcing cognitive behavioral therapy/behavior change (e.g., addictive/compulsive patterns)
  • Eliminating unwanted habit patterns (e.g., food, alcohol, tobacco, emotional reactions)
  • Mind-body healing/ Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Deep age regression, exploration
  • Self-healing of physical diseases and symptoms (cancer, chronic pain, heart disease, headache, GI problems)
  • Peak performance techniques (sports, learning, creativity)

Dr. Miller’s Approach

The hypnotherapeutic relationship, in its most elegant form, resembles an exquisite dance involving mind, body, emotion, and spirit of both participants, a partnership through which both the guide and the subject are changed – each is part of the experience and grows through it. Thus an important part of the training is your experience of therapeutic states; expect to leave the workshop feeling relaxed, rested, and in possession of new avenues for your personal and professional growth. You will learn to produce and enter complementary states of focused concentration through the selective use of words and imagery, tone and timbre of voice, movement, and mirroring, pacing and leading techniques. You will learn to facilitate your clients/patients in removing barriers to transformation, and in accessing their own inner potentials for deep healing and peak performance.

You will be challenged to open ever more deeply to your inner Self, and to function at an ever higher level of integrity. Even seasoned hypnotherapists find Dr. Miller’s unique perspective and approach reinvigorating to both their practice and themselves.  Those who have taken introductory courses, but have found it difficult to integrate hypnotic techniques into their work, will find the bridge they need to facilitate this process.  And those who have previously trained with Dr. Miller will find new guidance, informed and deepened by his recent personal and clinical experiences.

Partial Syllabus:

  • Recognize & use spontaneous trance states
  • Personal experience of hypnotic state
  • Techniques of hypnotic induction
  • Deepening, including verbal and nonverbal approaches
  • Hypnotic techniques models: pacing, leading, anchoring, desensitization, stress inoculation, hypnocognitive reprocessing
  • Ericksonian techniques/metaskills of hypnosis, relationship to & augmentation of other therapies
  • Inner resources of wisdom & spirit for healing and peak performance
  • Create relaxing, healing & inspiring recordings for your clients/patients