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Gifts for Health and Helping Professionals

Health & Helping Professionals

This winter we are excited to offer an unparalleled opportunity to experience Dr. Miller, (an innovator, clinician, and healer) teaching this 12 hour introductory course in Hypnotherapy and Deep Healing.


Watch these 3 DVDs, and learn to use the tools of clinical hypnosis, including:

    • Inducing deep relaxation
    Verbal and nonverbal techniques for helping people enter a hypnotic state
    Giving subliminal suggestions
    Using guided imagery to support the healing from essentially any human illness, from the common cold to cancer


    If you are a trained mental health professional, you’ll immediately see how these tools can be used in your work. If you are a professional hypnotherapist, you will discover levels and powers of these tools you didn’t know existed.


    If you are not a health professional, you will find these tools are fully applicable to your practice of self-hypnosis – enable you to learn an effective, enjoyable way to integrate the power of self-hypnosis into your life. (If you are not a health professional, this will not teach you to use these techniques with anyone but yourself).


    You will discover a world of new ideas and techniques as Dr. Miller demonstrates how to compassionately utilize the tools of hypnosis, weaving them together with the tools of meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and guided imagery.


    This Holiday Gift Discount will be abvailable until January 5th, 2016.  

    Choose one of the programs below as the perfect gift for a Health or Helping Professional in your life.

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    Health Care Professional Kit – Gold
    Product ID : SCS5847
    If you are a trained mental health professional, or layperson, you’ll...
    Health Care Professional Kit – Silver
    Product ID : SCS5846
    Learn the fundamental principles of deep healing and their application to...
    Heart of Hypnosis and Deep Healing Workbook - Scripts for the Hypnotist, A Premiere of Hypnotic Induction and Emergence (Book By Emmett Miller MD & Lois Prinz)
    Product ID : SC0610
    This workbook compliments Dr. Miller's Professional 3 DVD training and is...
    Heart of Hypnosis and Deep Healing: A Professional Training (3 DVDs)
    Product ID : SC5342 (3 DVDs)
    Introduction to the fundamental principles of deep healing and their...
    Inspired Imagery CD: Finding Inner Direction for Your Life (Dr. Miller Classic)
    Product ID : SC5036 (CD)
    Lecture Presentation with Overview of the Role of Relaxation, Visualization,...
    Test Prod1
    Product ID : TestProd1
    Caregiver Support and Stress Management – Treating and Preventing Caregiver Burnout (MP3 Download)
    Product ID : D5065 (MP3 Download)
    Talk and meditation to inspire caregivers to value their health and their...