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Empowering Leadership DVD: Presentation to the Academy for Guided Imagery

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Dr. Miller, live and in person, enhanced by rich B-roll images, originally presented to the Academy for Guided Imagery in 2008. This program is an Introduction to the notion of the inner leader, how the inner leader has been suppressed by family and community, and how to use imagery to awaken that potential.

We are the leaders we have waited for! This presentation is an invitation to you to do your part.  Some main points include:

    • How to awaken the leader within
    • How to restore balance for healing
    • Become present, relaxed and access your wisdom
    • Advantages of the distributed leadership model
    • The Either Or and Both And Paradign Difference
    • Diversity: How we can work together
    • Thinking Whole System
    • The Three Factors of Conciousness
    • Visioning, Future Projection and Imagery
    • The World Cafe Leadership Style

To Heal the planet, and to heal ourselves, a new kind of leadership is needed, informed by our deeper values, and guided by a compelling vision that extends to our families, communities and the world at large.
~Emmett Miller MD