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Other Recommended Material

Here on Dr. Miller Recommends, we will offer a variety of carefully selected books, workbooks, and other materials that I feel represent breakthroughs in thinking or presentation. These are materials I use frequently in both my medical and my coaching practices. 

The products in this section are purely recommendations, do not constitute prescriptions, nor are they substitutes for needed medical care. On the other hand, I believe that they can be of enormous value in enabling you to enhance the healing response, promote personal development, maximize performance, create rich rewarding relationships, and promote global healing.

In addition to these products, which we have on hand to send to you, you can find my suggestions for several more excellent products at my Amazon Store. Simply choose one of the categories below to see them. (orders for these will be shipped directly from Amazon.

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Prelude to Infinity: Robert Haig Coxon
Product ID : SC7001
The New Peoplemaking (Book by Virginia Satir)
Product ID : SC6008
The Silent Path: Robert Haig Coxon (CD)
Product ID : SC7000 (CD)
Touch, Caring, And Cancer DVD Program
Product ID : SC0960