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Deep Healing the Universe DVD: Presentation to the Academy for Guided Imagery

Deep Healing the Universe Presentation (DVD)
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Although we tend to think of ourselves as dwelling in the world, in a very real sense our world dwells in us. My universe is the collection of all the ideas and beliefs that are available to me in my mind, the only place I can have any impact on them. Healing of the individual as well as the family, community, nation, and planet is best accomplished by improving our understanding of ourselves, our world – especially the rules and principles that govern our thoughts and how we encounter and impact our world.

It has often been noted that what we experience is often much less the result of what we are seeing than the result of what we are expecting to see. Deep Healing the Universe addresses some challenging fundamental questions, including: What is deep healing, what is the universe, and what is community. It goes on to explore the nature of reality as it appears to us at the level of thought and feeling.

Beginning with an examination of the nature of living systems and how they heal themselves, it goes on to explore the healing relationship among imagery, creativity, and community. Touching on the vital importance of the spiritual level of human systems and the spiritual calling of our community, we go on to see the central role of Love and Violence in the healing process.

Through beautiful graphics, Dr. Miller guides the viewer through the formation of our planet and the birth of life on it. As we watch the development of the human nervous system, the only entity we know of that can contemplate itself, we see how the Old Paradigm of polarity, duality, conflict, fragmentation, and violence create dysfunction at every level, and how New Paradigm thinking can restore balance at every level.

It concludes with a lovely guided imagery experience chosen to help us connect more deeply and successfully – and to create the image of a world that works for everyone.