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Best Sellers

Deep Healing, The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine (Book By Emmett Miller MD)
Hands-on healing of mind, body, emotion and spirit shines through in revealing personal vignettes, thought-provoking fables and profound quotes from wise teachers of all times. Fascinating and illuminating, yet at the same time remarkably user-friendly and entertaining, Deep Healing is for everyone, lay person and health professional alike, who is interested in healing themselves and others.
Heart of Hypnosis and Deep Healing Workbook - Scripts for the Hypnotist, A Premiere of Hypnotic Induction and Emergence (Book By Emmett Miller MD & Lois Prinz)
This workbook complements Dr. Miller's Professional training and is annotated by Lois Prinz. Users of Hypnosis will better understand the flow of the hypnotic experience
Our Culture On the Couch, Seven Steps to Global Healing (Audio Book)
Dr. Miller makes his greatest contribution to the transformation, the paradigm shift, that so many of us are working toward and that must occur if we want to be in charge of setting our communal direction into the future – something that must occur if we are to create sustainability, or to even survive.