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Power of Your Mind to Balance Your Mind and Emotions (DVD)

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The thoughts and images you hold in your mind, and the mental patterns you use in meeting the challenges of life hold the key to happiness, health, and success. In this presentation Dr. Miller reveals the remarkable neuroscience of your thoughts and feelings, and shows how they reflect the wisdom of the ages. You will learn how to melt away negative emotions to manage stress, and how to focus positive emotions to create the future you desire.

Anxiety, depression, and anger are three of the words we use to describe clinical disorders. The truth is that all of us can use some help in handling the imbalance they often cause. Emotional freedom is central to living your life fully and creatively. By understanding the four basic emotions, how they can serve you and how they can hurt you, you will be able to use meditative states, affirmations, and positive self-talk. You can relieve emotional imbalances and mood disorders, focus your mind, and put your wise inner self in charge of your life.

Mind-Body Perspectives and Tools for:

• Developing emotional freedom & deep wisdom
• Breaking free from Denial and Dependence
• Focusing your attention & acting intentionally
• Out of the Box Creativity


About Power of Your Mind to Heal and Transform DVD Series

In the Spring of 2012, Dr. Miller tackled the job of distilling his fifty years of studying science, healing, psychology, relationships, and happiness into a six part training. The purpose of this training is to teach both the theoretical approaches he has found effective in transforming people’s lives and that are creating a revolution in the fields of medicine and psychology.

These presentations were recorded, and embellished with explanatory graphics, beguilingly beautiful photographs, video clips, and other media to enrich your viewing experience. In combination with the deep relaxation, meditative, and guided imagery experiences he leads you through, your embodiment of the principles through experiential learning is augmented.