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Addiction and Recovery

Addiction and Recovery (chemical dependency, alcoholism, drug use, abuse), Rehabilitation, Serenity Addiction and dependence are the result of habitually turning to an external substance or activity for relief of internal tension and stress, while failing to address the actual cause (denial). Letting Go of Stress or Ten Minute Stress Manager provide a much better way to relax, and Serenity Prayer teaches the fundamental/emotional skill required for recovery.

Repair the damaged self-esteem that results from dependency with Inner Child Healing and I Am: Awakening Self-Acceptance. The Serenity video is also an effective way to relax, and Writing Your Own Script can help you develop a new lifestyle. The book, Deep Healing describes the mechanism underlying addiction, dependence and recovery. Finding Serenity is helpful in the recovery of co-dependents as well as those with an addiction or dependence.

Abolish Anxiety offers excellent techniques for self-relaxation and Escape from Depression can help you change your thinking by bringing you into the present, and guiding you through the stages of healing from depression.
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