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Power of Your Mind to Heal Your Relationships: Resolve and Prevent Conflict, Enrich Communication, Nurture Love (DVD)

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From the instant of our birth until the moment of our death, we are dependent upon relationships with others. The qualities of those relationships will determine the quality of our lives. Why not learn the principles of healthy relationships that can bring success, happiness, and even physical health.

Dr. Miller has worked successfully, as a trusted consultant/therapist, with thousands of relationships. Here he shares his wisdom and expertise. The harmonious interdependence of the organs of your body determines your body’s wellness and ability to heal (become more whole). The amount of harmony in your relationship with others – the degree of intimacy, co-dependence, conflict, trust, honesty, and love – will determine your feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment. Central to this is having a permanently benevolent attitude towards all others, without condition.

In this enlightening presentation you will learn to create and nurture the relationships you want in your life by changing  outmoded beliefs, emotions, and behaviors to create functional relationships of safety, integrity, intimacy, and Love.

About Power of Your Mind to Heal and Transform 6-Part Series

In the Spring of 2012, Dr. Miller tackled the job of distilling his fifty years of studying science, healing, psychology, relationships, and happiness into a six part training. The purpose of this training is to teach both the theoretical approaches he has found effective in transforming people’s lives and that are creating a revolution in the fields of medicine and psychology.

These presentations were recorded, and embellished with explanatory graphics, beguilingly beautiful photographs, video clips, and other media to enrich your viewing experience. In combination with the deep relaxation, meditative, and guided imagery experiences he leads you through, your embodiment of the principles through experiential learning is augmented.

More Presentation Topics COMING SOON:

  • Power of Your Mind to Manage Stress and Heal Your Body (coming soon)
  • Power of Your Mind to Balance Your Mind & Emotions (coming soon)
  • Power of Your Mind to Change Behaviors: Overcome Habits and Addictions (coming soon)
  • Power of Your Mind to Heal Your Relationships
  • Power of Your Mind to Achieve Peak Performance & True Leadership (coming soon)
  • Power of Your Mind to Nurture Your Spirit: How to Awaken and Empower Your Self

    How to Awaken and Empower Your Self


For each of these topics, Dr. Miller will present:

  • The Problem that confronts us,
  • The Science that cutting edge technology has revealed,
  • The Paradigm Shift central to transforming (healing) the situation,
  • The Inner Experience that brings mind, body, emotion, and spirit together in the healing process.