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Wellness is more than simply not being sick; it means developing a lifestyle that supports balance, vibrant good health, resistance to disease, fitness, and a sense of joy in living. Health and Wellness contains four experiences that help you program your mind to guide mind, body, emotion, and spirit toward greater ongoing balance.

Because stress overload blocks wellness, Letting Go of Stress and Ten-Minute Stress Manager may prove very useful. Wellness means making wise decisions and Serenity Prayer can help you access your inner wisdom in making the important choices in your life.

Writing Your Own Script can help you focus on and create those patterns that will maximize your wellness. Dr. Miller’s book, Deep Healing, and Deep Healing book on CD, explore some of the issues associated with wellness and its relationship to your thoughts, emotions and mental images. Awakening the Leader Within helps you take wellness into the positive direction – using high-quality leadership skills in your life and in your social world.

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SC5229 (2 CDs)
Awakening the Healer Within (2 CDs)
Enhance your grasp on the principles of deep healing with this eloquent and...
SC5063 (CD)
Awakening the Leader Within (CD)
Change the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you behave. Imagine...
Balance, Stress and Optimal Health (6 CD Suite)
Several distinct and different guided imagery and deep relaxation experiences...
SC5160 (CD)
Begin Your Day the Olympian Way: The Fastrack to Leadership Gold (CD)
Leadership has always been important, right now in times of uncertainty,...
SC0605 (Book, 384 pages)
Deep Healing, The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine (Book By Emmett Miller MD)
Hands-on healing of mind, body, emotion and spirit shines through in...
SCS5818 (CD Suite)
Deep Healing: Your Personal Wellness Suite (CDs)
Healing is derived from an Old English word that is also the root of whole,...
SC5003 (CD)
Down With High Blood Pressure (CD)
This CD offers a truly effective set of techniques that allow you to gain...
SC5018 (CD)
Health And Wellness (Dr. Miller Classic CD)
Enhance your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being; develop...
SC5014 (CD)
I Am: Awakening Self-Acceptance (CD)
Discover your true inner self -- the big Self that exists at a deeper level...
SC5019 (CD)
Imagine Yourself Slim (CD)
Your mind is a goal-directed organ and you will learn how to use your inner...
SC5023 (CD)
Letting Go Of Stress (CD)
No wonder Letting Go of Stress is the world’s most popular stress...
D5060 (MP3 Download)
Serenity Prayer (MP3 Download)
All behaviors are based on decisions made by the deeper mind. Use this...
SC5053 (CD)
Ten-Minute Stress Manager (CD)
This jewel has proven itself time and again with businesspeople, students,...
D5053 (MP3 Download)
Ten-Minute Stress Manager (MP3 Download)
This jewel has proven itself time and again with businesspeople, students,...
SC5202 (2 CD)
Writing Your Own Life Script (2 CD)
Resolve essentially any unwanted habitual pattern – overuse of drugs and...
SC5349 (DVD)
Power of Your Mind to Nurture Your Spirit: How to Awaken and Empower Your Self (DVD)
Enjoy this journey of discovery: a self-guided exploration of spirituality....
Power of Your Mind to Heal and Transform Your Life Suite (6 DVDs)
Approaches Dr. Miller has found effective in transforming people’s lives...
D5363 (MP3 Download)
Awakening the Leader Within (MP3 Download)
Within you is the power and the desire to become the leader in your life –...
D5023 (MP3 Download)
Letting Go Of Stress (MP3 Download)
No wonder Letting Go of Stress is the world’s most popular stress...