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Personality Modification, Changing your behavior Patterns, Behavior Modification, Rescripting Your Life, Mastering Change

Like any other computer, the biocomputer between your ears responds best when you speak in a language it understands. Anger, fear, frustration, criticism and the like never work. Writing Your Own Script: How to Change Your Behavior Patterns offers a four-step training program, software for your mind, effective for changing physical, emotional, mental and social behavior you want to change.

Sometimes self-confidence and self-esteem may keep us locked into old behaviors. In such cases, I Am: Awakening Self-Acceptance and I Can: Achieving Self-Empowerment can help you create a stronger base to change from. An in-depth experiential understanding of how to build your life from your deepest values, following your unique vision through to move toward a compelling vision of the future is offered by the Personal Excellence course. Unwanted behaviors fall away as you get on track with your life. Bad habits are there for a reason—they reduce stress.

To help eliminate the stress of change, consider: Ten-Minute Stress Manager and Stress Fitness. The video Relaxation and Inspiration could come in handy as well. For an overview of how our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and stress are related, read Dr. Miller’s book Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine or Deep Healing Audiobook. Awakening the Leader Within shows how to lead your life from the positive perspective.

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