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Peak performance (mental, physical, sports, athletics, academic, career), sports, athletics

The secret to delivering your best performance, at work, in sports, on the stage, or wherever, is developing clear mental focus, releasing unnecessary inhibiting tension, and clearly visualizing and motivating mind and body to your desired end. Personal Excellence shows you how to do this, while coming from your deepest convictions.

Ten-Minute Stress Manager contained a high-speed self-programming experience, and Optimal Performance is a more complete single tape program for applying the techniques of mental image rehearsal. Performing at your peak individually or with a group is the subject of Awakening the Leader Within. For peak performance at the global level, there’s Healing Our Planet.

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SC5211 (2 CDs)
Abolish Anxiety (2 CDs)
Understand and treat all forms of anxiety, worry and panic. Abolish Anxiety...
Awakening the Leader (Suite)
Set of tools will enable you to enter a relaxed, stress-free state with The...
SC5160 (CD)
Begin Your Day the Olympian Way: The Fastrack to Leadership Gold (CD)
Leadership has always been important, right now in times of uncertainty,...
SC0605 (Book, 384 pages)
Deep Healing, The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine (Book By Emmett Miller MD)
Hands-on healing of mind, body, emotion and spirit shines through in...
SCS5818 (CD Suite)
Deep Healing: Your Personal Wellness Suite (CDs)
Healing is derived from an Old English word that is also the root of whole,...
SC5015 (CD)
I Can: Achieving Self-Empowerment (CD)
A fascinating toolkit of powerful, effective techniques for creating...
D5015 (MP3 Download)
I Can: Achieving Self-Empowerment (MP3 Download)
A fascinating toolkit of powerful, effective techniques for creating...
SC5054 (CD)
Optimal Performance (CD)
Learn the "master skill" of peak performance, applicable to any area of life:...
SC0650 (6 CDs)
Personal Excellence (6 CDs)
When your desire for achievement matches your desire for personal growth and...
SC5028 (CD)
Run to Win: Program Peak Performance the Way Olympians Do! (CD)
Whatever your sport – marathon, sprint, basketball, tennis, golf – this...
SC5053 (CD)
Ten-Minute Stress Manager (CD)
This jewel has proven itself time and again with businesspeople, students,...
D5053 (MP3 Download)
Ten-Minute Stress Manager (MP3 Download)
This jewel has proven itself time and again with businesspeople, students,...
SC 6019
Warrior Pose, How Yoga (Literally) Saved My Life, (Book By Brad Willis AKA Bhava Ram)
Warrior Pose is an adventure chronicling some of the most momentous events of...
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Our Culture On the Couch Suite
"Taking on modern culture as a patient, Dr. Miller applies his finely honed...
SC5020 (CD)
Easing Into Sleep (CD)
Fall asleep faster and awake refreshed. Easing into sleep will help you to...
SC5348 (DVD)
Power of Your Mind to Achieve Peak Performance and True Leadership (DVD)
Learn how to melt away negative emotions to manage stress, and how to focus...
Power of Your Mind to Heal and Transform Your Life Suite (6 DVDs)
Approaches Dr. Miller has found effective in transforming people’s lives...
D5363 (MP3 Download)
Awakening the Leader Within (MP3 Download)
Within you is the power and the desire to become the leader in your life –...
D5061 (MP3 Download)
Healing Our Planet (MP3 Download)
Discover how you can make a difference through passion, compassion and love....
SC5341 (DVD)
Empowering Leadership DVD: Presentation to the Academy for Guided Imagery
Introduction to the notion of the inner leader, how the inner leader has been...
D5023 (MP3 Download)
Letting Go Of Stress (MP3 Download)
No wonder Letting Go of Stress is the world’s most popular stress...