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Negative Attitude, Frustration, Anger, Attitude Adjustment

Harmful negative attitudes are a harmful substitute for effective action—they paralyze and destroy. Serenity Prayer will help you decide whether it is wise to accept and move on (Accepting Change and Moving On or Letting Go of Stress can help with this), or to act more decisively (Launching Your Day, Writing Your Own Script, or Optimal Performance can help once you’ve made this decision).

Ten-Minute Stress Manager can be used anytime for a quick re-focusing on your goals. Still, Personal Excellence is the most effective all-around program for choosing and going after what you really want and what will bring you true, deep satisfaction. Deep Healing discuss the origin of positive and negative attitudes, as well as showing you how to use deep relaxation, imagery and affirmations to adjust your attitude. The information in Escape from Depression may be helpful, even crucial in every form of depression. Awakening the Leader Within is a very positive way to assert yourself over your life, and Healing Our Planet is a very positive way to deal with the global challenges that lay before us.

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Awakening the Healer Within (Cassette)
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