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Letter to Health Professionals

Dear Healthcare Professional,

Welcome! I salute you for your work and the sacrifices you have made to practice your healing art and science.

I am, as I suspect you are, very aware of the double-edged sword of the "Information Revolution." On one hand, science has revealed so much about the mind and body, from the biochemical to the sociobiological, and shown how important our habits, our relationships and our spiritual health are to creating and preserving health. On the other hand, for most people, their primary access to information is through the Internet. Studies indicate that, unfortunately, the majority of the information on the web is incorrect, misleading, and "spun" to serve the financial and political ends of special interests.

Incredible advancements have been made in psychopharmacology. Many people can now function who, previously, would have been unable to do so. Many, who otherwise would have been lost, have lived to make vital contributions (e.g., Stephen Hawking). Yet, at the same time, the "Emergency Mentality" of our society, wedded to the lack of responsibility and inadequate self-care training most people have, has led to massive over-prescribing on the part of the medical profession, and unrealistic expectations on the part of patients. The results have been disastrous.


With all the information being beamed to health professionals, it is a major problem for most of us to make wise decisions about where we spend our precious attention. As the world continues to speed up around us, we have precious little of that attention left, and must be very skeptical to separate the wheat from the chaff.

In the past 35 years I have seen medicine fragmented into "mainstream" vs. "alternative and complementary" branches. Instead of condensing into a holistic unity, as we had hoped, things have become even more confusing for our patients and ourselves. I must admit that sometimes I still long for the world as it was, where people had faith in the medical establishment as a trusted source of information, based on good double-blind studies, and the clinical experience of trained experts.

The Science and Practice of Mind-Body Medicine

Since the 1960s, I have been teaching health professionals how to influence the relationship between mind and body, how emotions govern their interaction, how many illnesses can be ameliorated by modifying how we think, feel, relate, and deal with stress. In my practice and my research the goal has been to develop ways of helping people learn that their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are behaviors, and that by changing these they can directly affect both their microscopic (cellular) behavior and macroscopic (habits & lifestyle) wellness.

I hope you will enjoy browsing my website, and I welcome any and all comments, suggestions and additional data. I always consider myself and my practice a "work in progress."


Emmett Miller MD

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