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Are you experiencing symptoms you would like to eliminate? Has your doctor, therapist, or health care practitioner suggested that you address a particular issue in your life? On this page, you will find guidance for applying the power of your mind to create deep healing and peak performance based on your symptoms or issues.

A symptom, whether physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, or social, is a sign of illness or dysfunction in your system. The tools of mind-body medicine, such as deep relaxation, meditation, self-hypnosis, and cognitive behavioral therapy,  can help relieve the stress underlying the dysfunction and enable you to heal at the deepest level – because in addition treating the symptoms, you will be treating the source.

To find the best tool for your use, simply scroll through the list of symptoms, illnesses, and goals in the below and click on the one that best reflects the experience you are having in your health and your life. You will be taken to a page including suggestions and instructions for dealing with the kind of imbalance commonly associated with that symptom. A number of options will be suggested there, including Dr. Miller’s deep relaxation/meditation/guided imagery recordings, readings, books, and other tools for deep healing.

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