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Illness, Severe or Life-threatening

Increasing quality of life through letting go of unnecessary stress, releasing attachments to the past, and focusing awareness and energy in the present facilitate the most profound healing possible. This may mean recovering from the illness, or finding a personal, unique pathway to let go with honor and dignity into death. Both Healing Journey and Accepting Change and Moving On are valuable experiential guides for this. Easing into Sleep provides an effective way to ensure the rest needed for balanced functioning, and A Time to Heal video offers soothing visuals along with healing guidance.

Awakening the Healer Within, talks by Dr. Miller at the Cancer Support and Education Center where he is medical director, offers valuable guidance, as does his book, Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine. At times such as this, it is crucial to be able to have the serenity to accept and the courage to change—and The Serenity Prayer offers experiential guidance in making wise choices. And sometimes soothing music, such as that offered on The Silent Path (CD) is just what the doctor ordered! For those dealing with cancer, Healing From Cancer, Optimizing Chemotherapy, Optimizing Radiation are excellent choices. Abolish Anxiety and Escape from Depression will prove valuable in guiding you into the present moment to touch your own inner essence and wisdom.

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Awakening the Healer Within (Cassette)
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Healing Journey (CD)
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Easing Into Sleep (CD)
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