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Great Expectations: The Joy of Pregnancy and Birthing (Dr. Miller Classic)

Great Expectations: The Joy of Pregnancy and Birthing (Dr. Miller Classic)
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Enjoy one of life’s greatest experiences to the fullest with techniques adapted from childbirth education and hypnotherapeutic sources. Tested and proven in Dr. Miller’s medical practice, these techniques help you experience a smoother pregnancy and easier delivery. Part A features a deeply moving experience for bonding with your unborn child, specifically designed for use by both mother AND father. Part B guides you in a set of mind-body techniques to ease the birth itself.

A loving guide through the miracle of conception, pregnancy, labor, delivery and birth, gently, lovingly interlaced with beautiful classical music of Bach, Beethoven and other masters. This program is designed for use by both parents and other partners who are participating in this extraordinary experience.

Track 1 features imagery to enhance loving feelings of parents and partners for the child soon to be born, facilitates natural childbirth (if this is desired). Whether or not natural or medically-assisted childbirth is chosen, the focus of the imagery is to help guarantee a positive experience that will lead to deep bonding and love among partners and the new infant.  Imagery and affirmations to increase a woman’s confidence in her ability to give birth are included.

Track 2 features specialized techniques for minimizing pain and distress during delivery. These approaches were developed by Drs. Miller, Lamaze, and others who have focused on empowering mothers and couples to relieve discomfort and flow with the experience using breathing and other inner sensations. The waves of contractions become the waves of the ocean, and you learn to become liquid and lend your body to this experience.