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Deep Healing, The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine (Book By Emmett Miller MD)

Deep Healing, The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine (Book By Emmett Miller MD)
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Twenty-five years after creating a new approach to human health—Mind-Body Medicine—Dr. Miller presents the definitive work in the field. Coming at a crucial point in America's healthcare crisis, this book can bring new hope and a sigh of relief to every reader.

It awakens even the most skeptical among us to the miraculous, inborn self-healing capacities of our own minds and bodies, and offers step-by-step instructions to put those innate abilities to work.

Joan Baez Testimonial for Deep Healing Book

Overview and Contents:

Dr. Miller's message empowers and inspires us. He reveals secrets of self-healing, now well established by medical science, yet seldom made public. Even more gratifying, he presents information and skills that can put the magic of healing directly back into the hands of patients and caring health professionals. He does this by describing eye-opening research, fascinating case histories, and a broad perspective extending from the personal to the societal.

Deep Healing is a bold new step forward in the theory, philosophy and practice of the healing arts and sciences. Dr. Miller makes the case that we must take a whole new look at the importance of the traditional doctor-patient relationship, as recalled by the Hippocratic Oath, if we wish to restore quality health care. Equally vital is a healthy relationship with Self.

Step-By-Step Self-Healing:

To support his vision for the new millennium, Dr. Miller presents amazing new skills in mental imagery, the transformation of disease-oriented perceptions, and the writing of positive life scripts. These are presented in the Deep Healing Experiential Workout at the end of each chapter, an easy, logical, self-directed program that you can begin putting into practice today to change your mind and change your life.

Dr. Miller's humor, compassion and clinical experience with the healing of mind, body, emotion and spirit shine through in revealing personal vignettes, thought-provoking fables and profound quotes from wise teachers of all times. Fascinating and illuminating, yet at the same time remarkably user-friendly and entertaining, Deep Healing is for everyone, lay person and health professional alike, who is interested in healing themselves and others.


"Deep Healing has the essential ingredients we all need to live healthy lives.  Information and inspiration are united to lead to our transfomation.  In the process of healing lies the joy of living. 

Emmett Miller has been one of my teachers and healers-read this excellent resource and heal."

~ Bernie S. Seigel, M.D.,
Author, Love, Medicine and Miracles


Chapter 1: Healing and Medicine—The Need for a Systems Approach

Chapter 2: Deep Healing—A New Integration of Mind and Body

Chapter 3: Taking Responsibility for Your Own Health—Deep Relaxation, the Master Skill

Chapter 4: The Hidden Power of Emotions—Getting in Touch with the Core Energies of Health

Chapter 5: Self-Talk—Employing the Power of Focused Affirmation

Chapter 6: Transforming Learned Helplessness

Chapter 7: Reclaiming Your Inborn Healing Potential—Emotions and the Immune System

Chapter 8: Imagery—Putting Deep Relaxation to Work

Chapter 9: Fitness Training for Your Mental Muscles—Deep Relaxation and Imagery

Chapter 10: The Magic of Mental Imagery—Rewriting Your Own Life Script

Chapter 11: Reference Memories—Using the Best of Your Past to Build a Brighter Future

Chapter 12: Emotions—Your Key to Understanding and Creating Your Own Reality

Chapter 13: Resonance and Integrity: Guidelines to a Higher Order of Healing

Chapter 14: Self-Esteem


"Deep Healing is a must read for those just learning about alternative healing modes, and for those who wish a comprehensive understanding of the myriad of possabilities evoked through a systematic understanding of body/mind phenomena.   I highly recommend it!"

~ Francine Shapiro, Ph.D.,
Originator and Developer of EMDR, Senior Fellow, Mental Research Institute

"Deep Healing is an important book that bridges traditional and complimentary forms of medicine.

It empowers and inspires both doctors and patients, and restores the mystery and magic of healing to the field of medicine by reminding us through stories and research of the inherent healing capacities found in all human beings.

This is an invaluable resource and guide for all health care professionals."

~Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.,
Cultural Anthropologist Author, Signs of Life

"I purchased this book after I received the CD on recovering after surgery from a friend. The CD [Successful Surgery and Recover] helped me recover from Open Heart Surgery so quickly I wanted to understand the principles beneath the wonderful CD.

This book explains how deep healing actually works. It explains how the mind, body, spirit and emotional connections can help us heal ourselves. It is filled with case studies and meditation techniques that a lay person can understand and use.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did."


~ Sharon E. Slattery, Holister CA