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Headaches (tension, caffeine), Migraine, Neck Pain

Headache Relief presents powerful, time-honored techniques for preventing and eliminating headaches. You may also find the incredibly soothing Healing Journey effective for this purpose. And because stress is so often a factor in headaches, Letting Go of Stress or Ten-Minute Stress Manager may also be quite helpful.

General pain reduction techniques are presented on Change the Channel on Pain, and A Time to Heal (video) presents another effective way to relax tense, painful muscles, as does the music-only CD, The Silent Path, by Robert Haig Coxon. The mechanism underlying most headaches, and how the mind can be used to help with the healing is presented in Dr. Miller’s book, Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine.

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Headache Relief (CD)
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Headache Relief (MP3 Download)
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Healing Journey (CD)
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Easing Into Sleep (CD)
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