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There are several challenges in going through and recovering from a divorce. Stress is central, and Letting Go of Stress, Ten-Minute Stress Manager, and Relaxation and Inspiration may prove to be lifesavers. Restoring a centered, calm, balanced self-confident sense of yourself may be accomplished with Inner Child Healing, I Am, and Accepting Change, and Moving On. Easing into Sleep and Writing Your Own Script can be very useful during and following divorce so that your mind and wisdom guide your behaviors.

Serenity Prayer can help you make the kinds of decisions you really want to make. Personal Excellence provide an opportunity for in-depth self-study and change. The Silent Path CD provides soothing music for frayed nerves. Abolish Anxiety and Escape from Depression guide you to a place of deep relaxation, giving you the techniques and empowerment to create the future you really desire.

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Abolish Anxiety (MP3 Download)
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Healing Journey (CD)
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Serenity Prayer (MP3 Download)
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Easing Into Sleep (CD)
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