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Many different things can give rise to asthma—but in all cases, the final common feature is that the tiny muscles surrounding the necks of the little air sacs in the lungs tighten up. The "hand clasp" imagery on Letting Go of Stress  is a technique for using your mind to help relax these tiny muscles. Healing Journey is a soothing experience of using healing imagery. Accepting Change and Moving On focuses on letting go of breathing—the beginning of this CD may prove useful for the person with asthma.

Immunoimagery provides vivid images of your immune system—and you can visualize your immune system being more peaceful and less allergic. Deep Healing book describes the mind-body mechanisms at work in asthma and in its relief. Escape from Depression can help you "unlearn" the feeling of helplessness, or being cut-off from spirit, that can manifest in asthma.

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Awakening the Healer Within (Cassette)
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Healing Journey (CD)
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Healing Journey (MP3 Download)
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Easing Into Sleep (CD)
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