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Loving Communication Guided Meditation (MP3 Download)
A guided meditation about how to develop Love and Communication, amplify it,...
Power of Your Mind to Manage Stress and Heal Your Body (2DVDs)
Explore the amazing power of the mind, Denial, how it can block us from total...
Real Relationship: Essential Tools to Help You Go the Distance (Book by Belden Johnson)
We are all challenged by the demands of long-term relating. Do you know about...
Relaxation and Inspiration: Inner Peace, Inspired Performance, Success (DVD)
Dr. Miller’s guided imagery is enhanced by beautiful cinematography created...
Truthiness Fever: How Lies and Propaganda are Poisoning Us and a Ten-Step Program for Recovery (6 CD Audiobook)
This book focuses on truth, beliefs that best match empirical evidence. Truth...
Why Dads Leave, Insights & Resources for When Partners Become Parents (Book By Meryn Callandar & John W. Travis)
"Why Dads Leave" reveals the cultural and generational forces that are...
A Time to Heal: Relaxation and Nature Imagery DVD
Supports you during your healing, recovery or prolonged convalescence. Also...
Power of Your Mind to Nurture Your Spirit: How to Awaken and Empower Your Self (2DVDs)
Enjoy this journey of discovery: a self-guided exploration of spirituality....
Caregiver Support and Stress Management – Treating and Preventing Caregiver Burnout (MP3 Download)
Talk and meditation to inspire caregivers to value their health and their...
Confronting Cancer Support Kit – Silver
Experience the enormous power of the 9 training sessions offered at the...
Freedom From Within: Stress Management and Self Awareness for Use in Prisons, Jails, and Correctional Facilities (2CDs)
This breakthrough program teaches inmates how to better handle the challenges...
Goodbye Insomnia - Deep Sleep Through Hypnosis (MP3 Download)
Beautiful flute melodies by Ambika and serene harp performances are woven...
Power of Your Mind to Balance Your Mind and Emotions (2DVDs)
Learn how to melt away negative emotions to manage stress, and how to focus...